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My Natural Hair Journey

When I decided to big chop, or cut off all of my heat damaged hair, on February 18th, 2012 I didn't know that it would change my life forever. 

Up until that point I was using heat excessively to style my hair which left it severely damaged. 6 months before my big chop or BC, I decided to stop using heat and relied on bantu knots and twist and curls to blend my two textures while my curls came in. 

I still remember really seeing my curls for the first time. I had no idea that they had been waiting to come out this whole time and reveal to me my true authentic self. All I had to do was make the cut. 

Finally, one day I woke up, looked in the mirror and just knew the hair had to go and I haven't looked back since. There was an awkward period between my big chop and getting my style cut, but once I got my hair in the shape I wanted to frame my face I was poppin. You couldn't tell me nothing.

Then I started getting questions from a ton of people. They'd come up to me on the street or a friend of a friend would ask what products I used and how I got my hair like that. I was floored. I spent hours, weeks, and years finding the right product combinations and researching why my hair was reacting a certain way. I did these things because I was passionate about my kinks and coils. So when asked about my mane I was eager to divulge the details.

I also noticed that certain habits like reading labels of product ingredients and being obsessed with reaching my hair goals, translated into my lifestyle. Before I knew it I was eating all natural foods, exercising, and clearing up my skin all because I was committed to leading a natural lifestyle. 

This blog is an extension of me. My desires, passions and tribulations on this natural hair journey. It's an ongoing journey as I try to redefine what I think is beautiful both inside and out. 


My Hair Type.

4a/4b Hair Type

Oils butters and creams are friends of mine. My extra coily strands are prone to tons of shrinkage. I embrace it or stretch it when I want to see some length. 


Low Porosity Hair

The follicles on my hair strand do not have a lot of holes in them from damage or coloring. I retain moisture by deep conditioning and lifting the follicles that are tightly shut to allow moisture to flow through. 


Thick Strands

Sectioning is key, it helps me not become overwhelmed with the volume of hair. Although my hair is less prone to breakage than fine strands, I sure make sure I do a protein treatment to keep them strong. 

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