Step by Step Flat Twist Tutorial

The twist out has been my saving grace since I first went natural. Flat twists worked for me with my transitioning hair when I used rollers on the ends. Then, when I big chopped February 2012, and I did my first successful flat twist out  in May of 2013 after a year of growth.

Personally, I think flat twists less time consuming than doing individual twists. I get great definition and it lasts for days. Now, this style does take a little practice if you are not used to twisting. Hopefully, the steps below and the video will help you during this process. Keep practicing, I know you will get the hang of it sooner rather than later.


  1. Wash, condition and cleanse your hair. Like most styles, flat twists work really well when your hair is clean.

  2. Part hair into 3 sections in the direction you want it to fall. One at the top, 2 on the sides.

  3. Apply Entwine Couture 9 in 1 leave in and Hydrator Creme to each section.  

  4. Take a 1-inch sized section from the top and divide it into two equal-sized pieces.

  5. Twist the pieces around each other picking up more hair from the bottom as you go. Make sure your fingers go all the way through each time you twist.

  6. Keep twisting down the length of the section.

  7. Add extra product or water to the end of the twist

  8. Seal the end of the hair with oil. This will give the end of the hair a nice and clean look.


After your repeat this process around your hair you will end up with 10 flat twists all around. If you are transitioning, now would be a good time to add perm rods to the ends so that they do not unravel. Leaving the hair uncovered will give your twists plenty of time to and air to dry. Remember, the longer that you leave them in, the better the definition will be. Which makes sense right? Give your hair at least 8 hours to dry. Check out this video for styling options for your flat twists while they dry.


On the next day, your twists should be fully dry. Coat your hands with oil and begin to slowly unravel each twist taking care not to cause too much frizz. And voila!