4 Must Have Matte Lips for Deep Skin Tones

I don’t know what took me so long to get into the lip stick game, but now I find myself making up for lost time. These are my four favorite lips that have received a lot of attention from you all on my Instagram page. They range from deep muave-y pinks to 90s era browns that I think can be used for a ton of occasions! Colourpop has a great line of Matte Lip glosses, three of which are featured here. They can be a little drying so I recommend you moisturize AND exfoliate your lips BEFORE applying. So check it out!


"Limbo" ColourPop

Growing up in the 90s, everyone was sporting the brown lip; from Whitney Houston (RIP) to Nia Long. It reminds me of a time when beauty was less about perfection and more about bringing out your best features. This lip from ColourPop in shade limbo is a true brown. Paired with my deep skin tone it is truly a must have!


"Tulle" ColourPop

Look number two is all about the deep pink. This one is like a dusty muave burgundy/magenta. Great for a simple understated lip that brings attention without the drama. Colourpop Tulle is perfect for my skin tone that makes a great statement and compliments my complexion.


"Creeper" ColourPop

Look number three is my devil red.. Something about red just brings out the fiest in me.. Maybe it’s the excess estrogen levels red lips indicate but it just makes me feel very irresistible and feminine. This red from ColourPop in Creeper does just the trick. The fact that it’s a brush and red is already a messy color means that your really want to take your time applying this one. Trust me, it is not one of those that you can apply on your way to an event in the back of a dimly lit Uber car using your selfie cam. Trust me. 


"Beauty Mark" NYX Lip Lingerie

Last but certainly not least is the newest addition to my lip arsenal from the NYX Lip Lingerie line in Beauty Mark. It is a little on the sticky side but I just love the ashen brown/pink combo that makes my lips look sensational. This color is probably the closest shade to my natural lip which makes it a perfect addition for day or night.