5 Ways to Relax at the Glen Ivy Spa

Disclaimer: I received complimentary admission and services at Glen Ivy Spa. All opinions expressed are my own.


“This is like Disneyland but for adults”! I exclaimed as my eyes darted all across the map of Glen Ivy Spa in Corona, Ca trying to decide where to go first. I am still learning how to incorporate more relaxation and rest into my life. So when I first arrived and saw over 14 acres of therapeutic pools, healing services and lush landscapes I knew I had come to the right place! Glen Ivy rolled out the red carpet and provided myself and a guest with moisturizing Grotto treatments, a customized rejuvenating facial AND complimentary lunch at the Ivy Kitchen. Before I keep gushing about the lusciousness that is Glen Ivy Spa, I want to set the stage and get into why rest and relaxation is not only awesome, but absolutely necessary.

Why relaxation is important

  • When we slow down and allow time for rest and relaxation, we activate our body’s innate capacity to heal itself. When animals are hurt they lie down and do not move for days at a time to allow their body to heal, but we have lost this ability to rest.

  • Women are affected the most by the lack of balance between the masculine (doing) and feminine (being) side in our western society. When we cut ourselves off from feeling in order to be functional, we miss out on so many gifts. Instead of using  our intuition, unconditional love, and compassion they build up in our bodies as excess energy. Which can manifest in many forms from stress, depression, acne and especially autoimmune disease - which women make up 80% of the cases.

  • Paradoxically when we allow ourselves to relax, we heal on a deep level and we can actually show up in our work in ways that are more efficient and fulfilling. When we obey the call to stillness it benefits us, our families and friends and the world around us.

5 ways to relax at Glen Ivy:

It’s all about the water

  • Glen Ivy has over 19 therapeutic pools that are all tailored to a specific benefit. The naturally occurring mineral spring water stimulates the immune system and improves gland function. I loved the Saline pool! It’s so warm and relaxing that I felt the epsom salt diffusing all of the tension from my body.

  • Epsom salt helps to boost magnesium levels (an essential mineral), reduce stress, eliminate toxins and reduces inflammation.

  • I had to make sure to drink plenty of water because the epsom salt draws out water from my body. I’ve recreated this experience as part of my at home self care routine.

Do something unapologetically for you

  • I’m so used to trying to DIY my beauty routine that being in a place of receiving my first facial felt new and refreshing. I got the Classic Solution Facial that lasted for over 50 min and is customized to suit your skin type.  I did not want it to end because it felt so good! Between the steam, her gentle touch and the way the products from Comfort Zone just melted into my skin I was in heaven.

  • Facial massages are really great for improving blood circulation to ward off wrinkles and aging, helps with lymphatic drainage, and can help relieve tension. The steam used during the facial also helps to make sure that products are absorbed more readily into the skin. I definitely will take more time to massage the products into my skin instead of rushing through my skin care routine.

Meditate in the sauna

  • Meditation is really important for me to just take time and connect with myself. A lot of the pools were occupied with chatty Kathy’s so I made my way to the sauna for some quiet time for reflection. In the silence and stillness I felt joy and gratitude as the tears mixed with the sweat that poured from my pores, I could feel myself becoming lighter.

  • Meditation stimulates the part of the brain that is responsible for feelings of well-being, the fight or flight response and fear conditioning by creating serotonin, the happiness hormone. Learning to guide my thoughts to more positive ones with meditation has allowed more ease and positivity to come into my life.

Enjoy lunch at the Glen Ivy Kitchen

  • Lunch could not have come at a better time because after getting in and out of all those pools and sweating, I needed to replenish. We sat down for lunch at the Ivy Kitchen and got a mix of items. Some nachos, this Kale and Quinoa salad and a Grain Bowl. While I wasn’t blown away I was so hungry that I welcomed the fresh local cuisine onto my plate!

  • Eating local nutrient dense foods is so beneficial to our bodies on a cellular level. The label of vegan, vegetarian or pescetarian does not really matter to me; as long as I am choosing foods that are closest to the way they exist in nature (e.g. non processed) for majority of the time I know I will reap the benefits.


Play Dirty

  • I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Moisturizing Grotto Treatment, but I could tell it was going to be epic. We entered this cave where attendants had a bowl of shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, eucalyptus and lavender ready to slather all over our bodies. Think of it as a deep conditioner but for your ENTIRE BODY. My skin was baby soft. Afterwards the Red Clay at Club Mud exfoliated any dead skin.

  • All clays contain minerals that soothe the skin and help get rid of excess oil, but red clay is especially high in iron oxide. This is really great for brigthening, strengthening and soothing the skin. It is also great for detox because the clay binds to dirt and impurities that can be washed away once the clay has dried.

There’s nothing quite like the experience at Glen Ivy Spa. Knowing that just an hour outside of Los Angeles are some of the most tranquil healing mineral water springs makes me feel so grateful. I love finding little places where I can bond with my friends around pools enjoying the scenery and activities. Resting and relaxing in the healing waters definitely made me feel more in tune and focused the following days. That’s my ideal lifestyle. Check out my YouTube channel to see how I effortlessly incorporate relaxation into my daily routine.


Where do you go to relax?