7 Ways to Naturally Balance Hormones

My hormones became out of balance when I stopped taking birth control. When I was on the pill I felt very disconnected from myself depressed and with little energy. While I did see improvements in my acne and a reduction in bleeding during my menstrual, the exchange of being deficient in vital nutrients, cut off from my intuition and prone to depressive episodes was no longer worth it for me. While these tips are geared towards women, hormones affect us all because they are the messenger blocks of our body’s endocrine system. They communicate our feelings and govern a complicated series of processes that regulate everything from our heart rates, digestions, moods, memories, feelings. Think of hormones as a chemical produced by different organs and glands that send signals to different parts of your body. Hormones regulate repairs that happen in the body that affect how you look and feel so it is essential to create to balance.


Adhere to natural cycles of day and night

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Being in sunlight helps to improve your mood by causing your body to produce the feel “good hormone” serotonin. This is why lack of sun exposure can cause a serotonin imbalance and lead to seasonal affective disorder, a form of depression. Your pineal gland produces melatonin based on the contrast of bright sun exposure during the day and complete darkness at night. Melatonin is the sleep hormone that regulates the production of all the other hormones in your body. It also controls your circadian rhythms or sleep wake cycle in your day to day. When you expose yourself to blue ray lights and the light from your screen it stops your body from secreting melatonin and insomnia ensues.

  • Use candlelights or get a himalayan salt lamp to softly illuminate your room

  • Sit outside in the sun to absorb the light rays and increase melatonin production and tryptophan

  • Ground yourself and your feet into nature. Stand outside under the moonlight. Tell the universe you want to achieve a state of wholeness and balance. Meditate on what your life will look like all the energy that you will have to dedicate to all of your new projects once you are brought back to a state of balance.


Yoga/Light Exercise

Heavy weight training or endurance can be too much for your body when it is trying to regulate it’s hormones I want to make sure that I am not doing anything remotely stressful so a nice gentle hatha yoga flow is all that I can handle. I have a video on my channel that goes into my daily yoga/meditation practice. Yoga prepares the body for meditation and many poses help to stimulate the flow of kundalini energy up the chakras, more on that later.



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Meditation has been a really important tool in helping me obtain balance. Just taking the time to sit with myself and allow my suppressed emotions to surface and to listen to my intuition makes me feel less stressed and anxious. By quieting my mind and allowing thoughts to surface it makes space for me to accept myself.  

  • Baths are cleansing ritual to prepare my body for meditation. I use lavender essential oil, florida water, and rose water to cleanse my aura, or the energetic field surrounding me.
  • I also incorporate crystals like clear quartz to support my true essence and moonstone supports hormonal function.

Add Supplements

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  • I became deficient in the vitamins needed to make hormones which led to an imbalance. Mainly vitamins B6, magnesium, selenium, zinc and copper. Without these I was left feeling really sluggish and confused, but I’ve noticed significant changes since I started supplementing regularly.

    • KeraHealth - Contains Copper, B6, and Zinc magnesium

    • HUM Nutrition Daily Cleanse - Contains Zinc Copper and Selenium, also skin clearing and detox herb blend

    • Magnesium - Necessary for adrenal support

    • Probiotic - Helps improve gut health which in turn stabilizes hormones since the brain and the gut are connected.


Use Tinctures

  • Tinctures are a distilled alcohol solution that contains a potent amount of an herb or tonic. Many painkillers and medications are based on natural remedies that exist in nature. They have just learned how to mimic the compound. These herbs have properties that balance hormone production

    • Smooth Cycle by Crystal herbarium. I got this when I was in Oregon and it contains all of these amazing herbs like Dong Quai, Motherwart, Milk Thistle, and Vitex

    • Chlorophyll: chlorophyll enhances the amount of red blood cells in the blood. Red blood cells carry nutrients and oxygen around the body so having more available means more energy!


Increase intake of healthy fats

  • Healthy fats like coconut oil and ghee help support brain function. Since my brain is in charge of regulating hormones, I gotta make sure it has what it needs. I make bulletproof coffee to easily get my source of healthy fats. The benefits of the coffee are improved mental performance, decreased appetite, and weight loss.

    • Ingredients

    • To make, brew one cup of coffee, I use a french press, and add it into a blender. Add in the ghee and coconut oil and blend until frothy. Serve immediately or add to a thermos to enjoy throughout the morning

Decrease intake of meat and dairy

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I am still educating myself on the benefits of a vegan diet, but I know that since boosting my intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds it’s really helped me find balance. I know I still have a lot of work to do because I still get intense cravings for unhealthy foods and I sometimes succumb to them. I am working on a video that goes into to detail the foods that I have been eating in why.


If you want to see these tips in action, please check out my video below. How are you balancing your hormones?