All Natural Sunscreen for BIPOC

Being out in the sun is a necessary part of my self care. Since getting off of hormonal birth control, the sun has helped balance my moods and make me feel better. Spending so much time outside, I had to let go of the idea that I needed sunscreen. Not only has it been linked to cancer, but I actually need MORE time in the sun as all black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) do. Below I share with you why Red Raspberry Seed oil, not sunscreen, is my best bet to prevent premature aging and skin cancer. Scroll to the end of the post for a recipe! 

Having melanin that naturally protects you from sunburn is definitely a reason to smile. Bathing suit from Asos

Having melanin that naturally protects you from sunburn is definitely a reason to smile. Bathing suit from Asos

Sunscreen is Toxic


Sunscreen is often promoted as a necessary component of any skincare routine because of its ability to prevent sunburns, premature aging and skin cancer. However, there is no concrete evidence that wearing sunscreen does anything to prevent skin cancer or reduce signs of aging. In fact, studies show that rates of melanoma (the deadliest skin cancer) are actually higher for sunscreen users. That’s because over 50% of sunscreens contain Vitamin A which is considered a photo-carcinogenic or the chemicals becomes cancerous when exposed to sunlight. Isn’t that ironic. So no, not only is sunscreen unnecessary it’s also toxic AF and causes the cancer it claims to prevent.

More Melanin Means More Sun

It’s not the sun that causes sunburn, it’s the lack of melanin. Melanin is a substance that affects how dark or light your skin is. It gives the skin a mild sun blocking protective factor equivalent to an SPF of 15. Which is great because it allows BIPOC to be able to be in the sun for extended periods of time without burning. But this same protective factor also inhibits our ability to get enough Vitamin D.

While white people need roughly 15 mins a day in the sun without sunscreen to synthesize enough Vitamin D, BIPOC need at least an hour daily to meet our needs. It’s estimated that over 90% of African Americans, Hispanic and Asians are Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is so crucial; it strengthens bones, affects blood pressure, the immune system, our moods, brain function, and the ability to protect ourselves from cancer. So while melanin does protect us in the long run from signs of aging and free radical damage, we have to make sure we spend enough time in the sun to get our Vitamin D.

Use Red Raspberry Essential Oil Instead

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Instead of toxic chemicals that leave me looking ashy, I’m turning to this all natural oil blend. It contains red raspberry seed oil, an all natural SPF, that gives my skin all the benefits sunscreen claims to have and more. Red raspberry essential oil is anti inflammatory, reduces signs of aging and keeps the skin feeling moist. My primarily Vata constitution means I’m prone to dry skin so red raspberry seed oil is amazing for me.  I combine it with sesame and sunflower oil which are light carrier oils that easily and readily absorb into the skin. No more post pool dryness!

Ash-Free All Natural Sunscreen

Combine one part Sesame oil and one part Sunflower oil into a container of your choice. Leave a little room at the top to add in your essential oils. Shake and then store in a cool dry place.

Hopped out the pool and I'm still glistening.

Hopped out the pool and I'm still glistening.

Couple this All Natural Sunscreen with my clear skin from the inside out tips and you are guaranteed to GLOW all summer. Go out into the sun download those light codes and let me know if you try the oil blend.