Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse - Prepping for Protective Style

There's nothing worse than when you just put in that new protective style and your scalp starts to itch! It's really important when I am going into a protective style that my scalp is on point and my hair is moisturized and not crying out for help underneath the hair. The apple cider vinegar and black castor oil that are infused into the Hawaiian Silky products are the perfect combination for moisturized, balanced hair and scalp.


I'll get into the specifics of this protective style in another post, but today I want to focus on the hair underneath. 

I started off with the So Soft Shampoo, that is gentle enough for everyday use. Focusing the product on my scalp, it did a really good job at detangling my hair. 

Then I used the Hair So Soft conditioner to seal and moisture. The mix has a lot of slip, but I found myself needing a lot of it to work through each section. 

Lastly I brought out the apple cider vinegar. I poured the mixture on my scalp focusing on my roots to let it drip down my hair. It felt really good, the smell is a little weird, but my hair felt very soft once I was done. I left the rinse in for 5 mins before I rinsed out with cool water. 

Once I was done, I was ready to twist (since I am still learning to braid) my hair into 10 flat twists to insert the clip ins. On the areas where I have my leave out, I used the Bald Spot Serum to prevent any breakage.