Flexi Rod Set | Lotta Body

For a while I told myself that I could never achieve a flexi rod set. My hair was too long, too thick, too curly, you name it.

I swear, I’d see another girl do a flexi rod set and be like “Yo, I wish my hair would turn out like that, she over there gettin’ it!” (leaves 4 heart eye emoijs under picture on Instagram). Someone else scrolling through their IG feed could have seen that same girl and kept scrolling right past her. She resinated with me because deep down I felt like I couldn’t do what she did, even though I really wanted to. Seeing baby girl and her flawless curls revealed an insecurity that I have that I could never get my hair to look like that!

I had to take a closer look at myself and what I was using. Did the products that I used really have enough hold? Did I even put in enough perm rods? How long was I giving my hair to dry? Being completely honest, I had been using 12 only flexi rods at most with cream based curl defining products that would sit for 2 hours at most. No wonder I wasn't seeing results!

So with my new found attitude, I grabbed my Lotta Body Style Me Texturizing Lotion. This is one of my all time favorite setting lotions that gives me a soft hold with an amazing sheen. I will say that the kinkier state that your hair is in when you use the product, the more of it you will have to use. I used the Lotta Body Moisture Milk underneath to infuse some moisture into my strands. Then I let my hair sit overnight to reveal one of my best flexi-rod sets to date!


What styles do you feel like you just “can’t” do? Not necessarily physically unable, like you got a bald fade a week ago and you can’t do box braid (I take that back, lace fronts are doing magical things these days). Are there any thoughts you have about your hair that are holding you back form greatness?