Perfect Wash & Go: Form Beauty

When I first did my big chop, I did my wash and go everyday without fail. This was clearly unsustainable. Back then my idea of a perfect wash and go was fresh super defined, oftentimes crunchy, curls on my head. I had to let go of this idea of perfection that I had and realize that my hair was already perfect! That the yardstick I was using to measure myself up against didn't exist. It was all a figment of my imagination and I could accept the fact that I'm constantly changing and learn to love myself in every form. 

Which is easier said than done. I'm going to show you what I've learned so far using the products from Form Beauty, a brand new line designed for all textures.

Turn Your Negatives into Positives

All those seemingly negative traits I had about my hair, I turned  into positive ones. Like the fact that my hair won’t lay down when it’s dry: great, I like the volume. Okay, well how about the fact that it shrinks up? Awesome, now I can really blow people’s minds once I stretch it out. I had to really slow down and take a look at some of the things that I had accepted as true about my hair, and then work to see the good in ALL of it. 

Come up with a Regimen

The new line of products from Form Beauty are available  here

The new line of products from Form Beauty are available here

Regimens can help keep you focused on your hair goals. This was key for me early on when I was over manipulating my hair in a vain attempt to achieve perfection. I had a distorted sense of how often I had to do my hair and what products I needed. With so much conflicting information it is hard to get advice that is tailored specifically to your needs. That’s why the consultation with Form is so clutch. They ask you questions about your lifestyle, current regimen and hair type. And not just “Are you 3c or 4a” No! How dense are your strands? Low vs high porosity? Do you prefer protective styles? They cover it all and spit out a custom regimen that, in my opinion, encompasses all of your hair needs.

Thoroughly cleanse your hair


That cowash was not cutting it, for me at least, because I was caught in this viscous cycle. First, my hair would feel really dry, so I'd cowash instead of shampoo to retain moisture. Then I'd apply a bunch of product to bring back my curls. But the build up around my strands would prevent the vital nutrients and moisture from entering the cuticle. So by the end of the day my hair would revert back to dryness. I say all this to say, when in doubt shampoo your hair!  

Check out the Clarify shampoo if you’re in need of a deep cleansing. Clarify contains a sugar-based surfactant to remove dirt and buildup as well as Glycerine, a natural humectant, that keeps the hair moisturized.

Otherwise the Cleanse is perfect for weekly use. What’s really cool about the Cleanse is that in addition to fruit extracts and Vitamin B-5,  it has an anti-static agent that works like fabric softener for your hair!  They work well in tandem to reduce product buildup and leave my hair feeling squeaky clean.


Maintain Moisture

Moisture helps my hair last throughout the week. I apply the  Multitask  in between washes. 

Moisture helps my hair last throughout the week. I apply the Multitask in between washes. 

A lot of the times when I was unhappy with my hair, it was because it had morphed into this mass on my head that had no individual curls. But that is not how my hair is, that is just the state that it was in. I had to work to fix it. Luckily, getting moisture is easy when you have a good leave in like the Multitask. It has a coconut-derived natural alternative to silicone (Palm)  that leaves the hair feeling silky and soft. You can see all the products in action in my latest video. 

Then to encourage my curls to separate out from the pack, I applied the Define curl cream. It’s made out of Palm, Sweet Almond and Jojoba oil that left my hair feeling so soft and dare I say, manageable. My hair is at its best when it’s moisturized.

SO there you have it! I hope that you appreciated these tips. Stay up to n that I did with Form Beauty. In the mean time check out this quick tutorial I did for this look. Click here to subscribe to my channel.I'll update this post when out! For now visit Form Beauty to do your consultation and follow them on Instagram

I am just really honored and grateful to be a part of this project with a company that included us from the beginning. Not just when they were doing the campaign but when they were formulating the products. I can stand behind them, because Form sees the beauty in our form.

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