3 Easy Tips to Avoid Heat Damage

Heat damage - pretty much every girl with natural hairs' worst fear. Well, other than humidity. For almost 3 years I refused to add any heat to my hair because I knew that the moment I did my curls would be gone. Then I'd feel guilty for wanting the straight hair in the first place. Natural hair is freedom, right! I had to realize that the beauty in black hair is that it is so versatile. We are the only race of women on the planet who can slay every single hairstyle, so why was I limiting myself? Because I was afraid of the heat damage.. Well not any more!  


Find a stylist who prioritizes healthy hair

I'm not gonna sit up here and tell you guys how to straighten your hair because a) I spent my entire undergraduate years burning my hair off in my dorm room and b) I am not a professional. A lot of y'all get heat damage because you are trying to do it yourself. It takes a community to lay them edges. With that said, do your research and find a hairstylist that you can trust. I could tell off the bat that Keira the stylist was not only patient and kind, but she was all about the healthy hair. In many hair curriculums, stylists are not taught about how to maintain healthy let alone natural hair. It's all about the cut and color. Before we got started she eased my concerns about heat damage by guaranteeing that we'd only have to do one pass with the flat iron. I was sold! 

Use a product line with a heat protectant

We started with the Baobab Brilliant Hydrating Shampoo, it has a light smell that’s not too intrusive. It did lather up, which surprised me. I was like, “Hold up! If there’s a lather, doesn’t that mean that there’s sulfates in it?” “DUH DUH DUH! Turns out that Free Your Mane did that on purpose. They found a way to formulate the shampoo so that it is sulfate and paraben free, but with a thick lather like traditional shampoo. The ultra-moisturizing and anti-oxidant rich Baobab, Argan and Pomegranate Seed oils are an added bonus.

The Baobab Brilliant Daily Detangling Conditioner lived up to its' name. I didn’t really see my curls pop, but it made detangling a breeze. By the time she went in with the wide tooth comb, all she had to do was get them ends and the comb would pass. Which I was surprised to see. I thought that detangling semi dry was a death sentence but the conditioner made my hair want to be on it’s best behavior. 

Then right before the blow dry we brought out the Perky Curls Reviving Spray to use as a leave in. This spray is billed as a curl reviver, but it’s just so light and pleasant that you can use a little before you blow dry. Naturally, Keira was a little hesitant to apply a lot of product, but when we saw how light it was we figured my hair could use the added nourishment, softness and shine. 

Going into the flat iron is a pivotal moment. You want to be armed with a product that will protect your hair from the oppressive heat from the flat iron without weighing it down. The Baobab Brilliant Restorative Hair Oil made sure my hair was still light enough to have that flow. We put 3-4 pumps on each section and let me tell you that flat iron slid right on through. There was a little smoke from the product burning off, but the end result was so silky and smooth that I could not keep my hands up out my hair. I say this as a twirl a lock around my finger. Ugh! Make it stop!

Protect your hair when sleeping and showering

No doubt, the time when my hair is most vulnerable to reverting back to it's natural state is when I go to bed or take a shower. I had to find a way to keep my straight hair protected in both scenarios because re-straightening my hair was just not an option. Dirty hair and more heat is a sure fire combination for heat damage. 

I use the Sassy Hair Cap as a bonnet when I am sleeping. I love how the cap is lined with satin to keep my hair moisturized. I also appreciate how it is big enough to hold all of my hair without it getting squished and messing it up. I can easily see myself using this on my natural hair as well. The bonnet is also a shower cap that you can clip up to the top of your head and get it out of the way. It has a protective waterproof barrier for keeping the hair frizz free. The only downside is when you use the clip at the top, the back of your hair is exposed to the steam. Just be mindful of that. 

 I’m super excited to get to play around with the straight hair so be on the look out for a bunch of different styles. I know I can make this look last with the Free Your Mane products and keeping my hair protected day and night with the Sassy Cap.  Another shout out to my girl on IG @keiraashleyhair who was so patient with my crazy self. Also, check out the video below of her doing her thing. Now excuse me while I go let my hair swaaaannnngggg.