How to do Bentonite Clay Treatment

I started using bentonite clay early on in my natural hair journey to rid my hair of excess product build up. It allows me to cleanse my scalp as well as keep my hair clean from product build up. I also like that this mix can be used as a facial and womb clay pack. Bentonite clay withdraws impurities from the blood and the can be ised to make sure that you do not have any areas that need to be removed. The uses for this treatment are endless you can use it as a hair treatment, a mask or womb clay pack to remove toxins from a particular area. I love to make sure that my henna clay masks keep my hair feeling light and refreshed.

A bentonite clay hair mask will not only remove toxins from the hair, but it will also leave your hair feeling smooth, thick, and shiny. Toxins can build up over time from the environment, from using shelf brand shampoos and conditioners, and even from using hair spray, gels, and other hair care products

Bentonite clay may contain a mixture of sodium, potassium or calcium in varying degrees that are better for internal vs external cleansing. I used Aztec Indian clay which is 100% pure calcium bentonite clay


  • Balance pH - less reversion and shrinkage
  • Draw out dirt impurities prevent product build up
  • Conditions and moisturizes curls
  • Increases shine and softness
  • Help improve scalp conditions like eczema
  • All natural ingredients so you know exactly what you are putting into your hair
  • Neem: stimulates hair growth and prevents shedding



Bentonite Clay


Olive Oil

Apple Cider Vinegar


To make

  • Pour in 4 cups bentonite clay

  • Add 2 tablespoons of marshmallow root

  • Mix in olive oil

  • Mix in ACV

  • Apply to hair that is wet! This will help with the coating each of the strands so that there is less breakage.

  • Cover hair with a plastic bag, do not allow the mixture to dry

  • Leave on for 15 min - 1 hour and rinse with warm water

Check out this link for more tips on how to detox for better hair growth.