My New Staple: The Headwrap

Headwraps are a regal and timeless accessory for any state that your hair is in. It has long been a natural hair hack to wear the head wrap over a set of twists that have yet to dry or to cover up a deep conditioning session.

I've done both and have no shame in my game about admitting it.

When I first went natural I'd add in a hair accessory or two to accentuate my teeny weeny afro at the time. Now I go full blow queen status and cover my entire mane using this head wrap from The Wrap Life

I am going to save you a search on the internet and just recommend that you head straight there if you are serious about stepping up your wrap efforts. Here I am showing you guys how I do my signature double knot wrap look. 


There you have it! Never have another bad hair day again! I cannot wait to show you guys how else I style this amazing garment. In the mean time, tell me how you guys wrap it up.

lifestyleJordan McCraryComment