Look Fly While Your Twists Dry

I’ve said it before, the longer you keep your twists in the better they will come out. Plain and simple. But if you’re anything like me, you did your twists three hours before you technically have to be at that thing. But no fear, here are three ways to allow your twists to dry in peace and keep the swag intact.


1.  The Dad hat

    These dad hats seem to be everywhere right now. Good luck trying to fit one over your head when your twist out is in it’s full glory, but while your twists are in is a great time to try out the look. Pair it with some mom jeans and a crop and you are good to go. Case in point I left my twists in while I engaged in rather heated ping pong match against bae.


2. Tuck and Pin

Ok, so this last one is contingent upon how well you set your hair in the first place. If you took the time to part your hair using a comb and you’ve got the hang time, then this look is a good one. Great for transitioners and people who are about their business during the week and hit the gym. Trust me, these have lasted me through hot yoga  so give it a try!


3. The Wrap

I’ve long since been a fan of the head wrap! The Wrap Life make some of my favorites in the game. With their rich and vibrant colors you can make them work with just about anything. They really are a bold statement piece that I’ve gotten compliments on wherever I go. Here I demonstrate one way that I tie my head wraps to keep my hair safe and secure.

Check out the video below for a step by step guide on the three ways to hide those twists. Which one is your go to?