My 5 Favorite Self Care Rituals

My self care journey started kind of by accident. Have you ever just felt tired and unmotivated all the time? That was me a couple of years ago. I would come home from work and zone out in front of the TV because it was all the energy I had to muster. I had all of these goals for myself, like starting this blog and my YouTube channel, but none of them seemed to materialize. Not only was I tired and constantly calling out of my job cuz I was sick, there was also a constant loop of negative self talk playing in my head that would chastize me for all of my decisions. It was a viscous cycle that I wouldn't wish on anyone.

If you're caught in this loop of negative self talk, low motivation and lack of energy, I completely understand. It sucks. But you know what the best part about it is, you and only you can change your circumstances. It's not gonna come from a pill or some tonic, but deliberate action everyday to build yourself up. Cuz when you feel good about yourself on an internal level, when you take the time to sort out all of those limiting self beliefs that are holding you back it is life changing. It doesn't happen overnight, but little by little your will to live the life you desire will be restored. These actions may sound small, but if you regularly implement them in your day, you will definitely change for the better.

Check out my Youtube Video where I show ya'll my 5 favorite self care rituals. I've noticed that after incorportating these practices into my life, I am a much happier peaceful person who is optimistic about my future and ready to get there!

Do you have a self care practice? Do you meditate or do yoga? Have you noticed any changes to your health or mood? Let me know in the comments! And if you enjoyed the video, check out the Laila London Rose Organic Bath & Body Beauty Box!