How I’m Owning My Health This Fall and How You Can Too

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I wouldn’t go so far as to say LA has seasons, but I do feel myself transitioning into fall. My craving towards cold raw salads and watermelon is starting to wane and my ears perk up at the sound of anything pumpkin spiced. The yearning for a partner to warm my bed during these long cold nights is going from a whisper to a scream! A seasonal routine is a really important component of maintaining your well-being. So making some lifestyle changes can help you stay in balance while the seasons (kind of) change.

Foods to enjoy


It’s time to go for warm well spiced and oily foods to balance out the cold, dry qualities of autumn. Batches of chilli and chickpea curry rank pretty high on my list and keep really well in the refrigerator. Also consider which produce is in season to make sure that you’re getting the best quality:

  •  avocados, sweet berries, red grapes, melons, asparagus, cilantro, cucumber, green beans, sweet potatoes, zucchini, oatmeal, quinoa, basmati rice

It’s natural to start craving sweets when we stay inside and have to sit with our feelings.  One way I manage being an emotional eater is to have nourishing sweets with some substance. Dates are great because you can make date balls or even a chocolate date shake with oat milk and cocoa powder to satisfy those sugar cravings. 

Slow down


When it comes down to it, we all will benefit from an effort to slow down, ground, and do some self-nurturing this fall. Make a conscious effort to mellow your intensity and resist the impulse to overbook yourself. Be sure to take some down-time to simply lie on the couch, curl up with a good book, take an afternoon nap, or relax with friends.

Another practice that really helps me slow down is an oil massage or abhyanga. I warm up some sesame oil and massage it into my body before I take a shower and it really helps my skin stay moisturized during these cold dry months.                                                   

Manage stress

If your natural tendency is to fill your days with constant activity and accumulate stress, then you may become spaced out and exhausted. By including stress reducing activities like breathwork, meditation and yoga into your life, it can help your body respond better to stress. 

When stress impacts the immune system it can, in turn, disrupt the natural balance of bacteria and yeast in your vagina. Our vaginal microbiome is sensitive to the hormones created by stress so it is essential to create a healthy environment for the microflora to flourish*. So I take AZO Complete Feminine Balance® because it is clinically proven to support natural defenses to maintain feminine health*.



I hope you all proceed mindfully into this change in season! Remember that extra rest is necessary, try out a few warming dishes, and check out AZO® to help keep your natural balance in check*. I’m doing a giveaway for one free bottle of AZO Complete Feminine Balance® for three winners so leave a comment answering the following question to enter. What small lifestyle changes can you make to maintain good health this fall?

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