Simple + Chic Holiday Wash & Go

I'm not big on the holidays. Growing up, my family and I exchanged gifts but there were no trees, Christmas lights or stories of Santa Claus. It was interesting to see how kids were really convinced that there was a fat old white man bringing them presents. At first I felt like I was missing out and there was something "wrong" with my family. Now I realize that my parents gave me a gift. That is being able to see beyond an illusion and into what works for me, aka Freedom.


With this wash and go I decided to move beyond the idea that holidays are a time for me to do the absolute most to my hair in an effort to appease other people. I kept it REAL SIMPLE. Also, washing my hair in twists with the Form Beauty Cleanse Shampoo made the process easier because I was keeping my hair detangled. Then when I got out of the shower I IMMEDIATELY applied the Hydrate Leave In Lotion to keep my hair moisturized. After applying the products, my hair dried in less than 2 hours! I added a cute little twist to the side, a red lip and I was all done!

I'll be in Santa Cruz for Christmas, soaking in some precious time in nature and watching the ocean waves crash in and out. Very non-traditional, I know, but I'm very grateful for the privilege to be able to create my own traditions. Check out the video below and let me know what you think! What do you have planned for the holidays?