These 4 Herbs Fixed My Period Cramps and Acne


I love some herbal tea, but I did not start drinking it for health purposes until recently. When I stopped taking birth control, I went on a quest to balance my hormones naturally. I originally started taking birth control to relieve my acne and heavy periods, but these were the symptoms of my hormones being off balance. As soon as I got off the pill, I was concerned about my period coming back with a vengeance. I needed a preventative way to help reduce my side effects while also introducing healthy bacteria to my womb space. During this time I became more aware of the power of my womb and wanted to support it's functioning in what ever way that I could. Enter herbal tea. 


All of the pills and drugs that are used in modern day western medicine has a plant derivative or component. All of them. Herbs have been used for centuries as a way to bring balance and harmony to our bodies by providing the micronutrients that we need on a cellular level. I've been experimenting with herbs but have found so much relief from this formula. Now when my cycle comes, I barely break out, my cramps are almost minimal and my period lasts only 4 days. This is coming from the girl who was a raging bitch before my cycle, had the worst breakouts and was popping tylenol around the clock. I am so grateful to mother earth for providing us with everything we need!

Black Cohosh


Perennial herb where the roots have been used for centuries by Native Americans and was gifted to the European colonizers and was used to treat women's health issues. It's been used as a treatment for pain, anxiety, inflammation but has soared in popularity in recent years due to it's effective alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy that many post menopausal women consider undergoing. Now science is starting to realize the benefits are farther reaching. These include, aiding sleep, managing diabetes, reducing PCOS, treating uterine fibroids, and reducing anxiety.

Marshmallow Root


It helps speed up the healing process and naturally kills bacteria that can cause various ailments. Within the plant lays powerful active ingredients that help break up mucus, reduce inflammation and kill bacteria naturally. The healing properties are due to the mucilage that it contains that help balance out the gut and promote healthy digestion. A healthy light cleaned out colon is imperative to womb wellness.



 Ginger is able to remove the cramps and pain during menstruation. Brew the tea and drink it with honey or lemon for half an hour before meals. Regular consumption of ginger tea will help to reduce the pain and completely abandon the painkillers.




Some herbalists suggest goldenrod for menstruation problems such as cramping and excessive bleeding. Goldenrod is lightly cooling and it assists the body in healing from mild infection. It helps to treat uterine fibroids, bloating and pain in the lower abdomen.



I brew this tea in my strainer and then drink it once a day preferrably in the mornings 3-4 a week. I've noticed that since drinking the tea I do not feel such a huge rush of hormones/emotions prior to my period. Also my cycle has drastically reduced lasting 4 days instead of a week and  half like it was. There’s also been less clotting and I find myself not being as bloated as I normally am. I still feel tired and the need to withdraw on the first 2 days but by the 3rd and 4th day I feel renewed and refreshed.


I highly recommend this tea if you are trying to regulate your periods, suffer from painful cramps, or are currently on the pill as a way to treat your hormone related imbalances. It's interesting how acne, PCOS, uterine fibroids, heavy bleeding are all a result of hormone imbalance. By supplementing your diet with herbs, resting during your cycle,  in addiiton to reducing stress and eating more fruits and vegetables, you can significantly reduce the amount of fluctuation that your hormones do thus leading to a state of balance and wholeness. 


Have you tried herbal tea? What was your experience?