Why Self Care is so Important for Black Woman


 Self care is a term created by Audre lord in the 60s and 70s to encourage black women to care for themselves. while black women were rallying against racism sexism and classism she recognized that our bodies were tools to resist oppression. In an oppressive society out joy love inner peace and freedom and acts to promote these feelings was radical an act of political warfare.


Self cares resurgence in the past decade is due to has taken on a different tone. It’s been used to sell everything from candles, throw pillows and teas under the guise of treat yourself. And content creators, incliuding myself seek to align themselves with these companies by depicting themselves performing self care. But this ain’t new! Taking a practice that originated in marginalized communities erasing their contribution and then reselling is standard operating procedure wit white folk


The best forms of self care are free, taking a spiritual bath, meditation, walking in nature don’t cost anything. I do it to connect deeper with Spirit and feel a sense of joy peace and self compassion. To feel the weight of this patriarchal society being momentarily lifted from my shoulders so that I can know the truth. That am I an infinite divine being created in the image of god herself. That they can try and tarnish this vessel but my spirit remains fed and unbreakable. I come from a long line of matriarchs who effortlessly wielded their power and authority alongside tenderness and compassion. Nothing real can ever be destroyed, the truth always exists it is just forgotten. But I remember.